Carlos Alberto Lam Reyes
Carlos Alberto Lam Reyes

Enthusiastic admirer of the Japanese Master Shingo Araki, Carlos Alberto LAM REYES is a talented Peruvian fanartist which the talent is admirable. I thank him for having the kindness to expose his works here and to answer to these some questions.

Name : Carlos Alberto Lam Reyes
Birthplace : Peru
Nationality : Peruvian
Favorite animes : Saint Seiya, Oh my Goddess, Rurouni Kenshin, Versailles no Bara, Ulysses 31, Magic Knight Rayearth, Captain Future.

1. How and when started your passion about drawings ?

Well, I was in shock with the anime called "Versailles no Bara", and known in my country as "Lady Oscar", but I found some same features with characters of "Captain Future", "Angel", "King Arthur","Ulysses 31", and after that with "Saint Seiya" thanks to it, it made me feel my preference to all Japanese animes, because I only liked American cartoons as "Transformers", "He man" and "She ra", "Ghost Busters", and others. Another attraction that I could to watch and it was very captive, it was the great quality, than graphic and colors, between Japanese animes and American cartoons ; for example, the beautiful landscapes of "Rurouni Kenshin", anime that works as inspiration to paint some of my works.

2. Have you done special classes for drawing? Which ones?, Any special class about Manga ?

Well, I learnt how to draw in empirical style, since early, but even nowadays they gave me lines of manga style when I was 21 years, these ones helped me to correct many of my mistakes as body forms, how to use perspectives, the studies that I had, they were how to create Mangas, or Comics, step by step, I prefer to make scenes using some Mangas as style, I admire so much to the master Shingo Araki, thanks to him, my like to draw Saint Seiya, besides I like Greek mythology too.

3. Your style as drawer is very similar to some models used by Araki, is it coincidence or are you looking for imitate his floodlights of beauty ?

Well, you know, if my drawings have some similarities with the master Araki, it's not coincidence (I accept with humbleness the fact, although I know some comments very flattering, but I know that I am not in the same level of the master Araki), I followed the models by Araki, because I like his style, in the workshop of Manga where I studied, my master Carlos Anglas in Sugoi, he had his own style too, but some similar to Katsura, it's normal about the disciples show some influences by their masters, but in my case I applied my full knowledge using Araki style and his designs, checking graphic drawings on websites, etc. My first drawings shamed me too much but I know in that time it was my first drawing when I tried to draw something like master Araki, nowadays I am better compared as before, but talking about something else, I watched works of other Saint Seiya fans in internet and they are incredible, that's why I'd like to have contact with them because I respected them very much, and how much talent they really have.

4. Do you know fans of Saint Seiya ? ... Which ones ?

I saw many fan works, some of them better than others, but I respect and admire all of them, I didn't have a choice to meet anyone still now, but indirectly I'll talk about a Italian known by his illustrations the man Marco Albiero, and I said indirectly because my first illustrations that I made, they were using the sanctuary with 88 saints in ancient holy war, using my version, it was before "The Lost Canvas" released, now I know my drawing has incoherence about the last revelations by Kurumada in Saint Seiya, with that drawing I used some designs by Albiero, but when I joined to the Kronos project in Peru, the director of this project contacted him to ask his permission to use some of his designs for me, and not get troubles with his audit, when I got the permission, recently we could publish on web the drawing I made about sanctuary. When I left the Kronos project I didn't have more news about Albiero, and I hope not have minimized his great work to used his characters in my drawing, because I made some changes using my style.

5. I know this question can be as subject, but what are the reasons why exactly do you enjoy Saint Seiya ?

I like because Saint Seiya has great graphic quality when is used by the hand of the master Araki, and because it is about Greek mythology, and hyper myth or other mythologies, by Athena.

6. Did you publish your fan arts in somewhere ?

Only on Kronos chapter page and two more that I don't remember right now exactly.

7. How long do you take to draw a huge fan art of 88 Athena's saints?, please explain us the process...

Well, to draw designs it is not too long if I get what exactly want to make, but the process to paint, can be too much long, because I paint by hand and I don't use computer, but after finish my drawings I scanned then I use Adobe Photoshop to have effects that I want to add like background, cosmos, etc... after that it's done.

8. We're talking about Peruvian project called as "Saga Kronos" where you worked...

I was in an interesting time, I came there when they changed all the staff, sadly I couldn't know about the last drawers how Kronos project started by Michael Díaz, based in his original design I drew Kronos chained in the Tartarus with Zeus and Athena, my last contributes. Anyway, thanks to the project because I came out being no one, but now I am someone known, and could be showed some of my works on websites, besides I made new cyber friends like Brazilian, French, Argentinean, Spaniards...

9. As fan… What do you think Saint Seiya need ?

I am not authorized or even in a kind of level to say what Saint Seiya needs or not, but my humble suggestion is that Kurumada should animate "Lost Canvas" using Araki style, he should make a special Manga to explain the tragedy in Mu or Lemuria continent, and to finish the Elysion chapter and to finish Tenkai Hen, the heaven chapter.

10. What do you think how should be this last Saint Seiya chapter ?

I leave it to the brilliant master Masami Kurumada, who always surprises us with too many dramas well done, but the animation must be made by master Shingo Araki, because it's his personal style and essence, the soul, the universe of Saint Seiya.

11. What project related with Saint Seiya do you have in mind ?

I wish to make a drawing like the last one "Santuary with 88 saints", but this time using Mu and Muvians (or Lemuria and Lemurians), you'll see, I hope you enjoy it and everyone fan, and after I will make more illustrations with characters of Lost Canvas using Araki style, and much more girls in Saint Seiya, but unique, and other things, I hope these new drawings can be enjoyed by fans of Saint Seiya.

Interview by Tauro Aldebaran.
Translation by Pharaon and Christine.